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The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
The adventures of a doctor, who is also a ninja!  With his young, mustachioed sidekick, pet raptor, and gorilla receptionist it's his job to protect Cumberland from misfits and disease alike!  Does that sound horribly unlikely and totally awesome?  Well it is!  Completed Jan. 2017.

Afraid of Monsters
A young man finds himself enrolled in a school for monsters!  How frightening!  Updates on Saturdays.

Ava's Demon
About a girl and her demon... and the end of the world.  Updates on Thursdays.

Basin Vale
A vampire, looking for her clan, ends up in a remote town that might be the end of her.  Currently on hiatus.

Adventures in the land of Furrae, from amazons to the undead and everything in between.  Updates M/F.

Gunnerkrigg Court
A young girl attends her education at a court in the middle of the forest, caught at the crossroads of man and nature.  Updates M/W/F.

The Hopeless Living
Prose, insanity and the hopelessness of the monsters clawing at the insides of two such people.  Updates T/R.

Anthropomorphic animals playing out morality plays in this life and the next.  Mature content.  Updates every once in a while.

Mare Internum
A couple of scientists search for each other and themselves in the caves far below the surface of Mars.  Updates Wednesdays.

A counselor is hired on to take a job at a school for animals.  The problem is that she has a case of severe... zoophobia.  Almost as if this was on purpose.  Currently on hiatus.

A boy sells his soul for demonic help.  His help turns out to be lazy, needy and rather annoying to have around.  No refunds, though.  Updates M/R.

Other Stuff
The art and writing of one Felix Kramer

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